Greetings to our friends, supporters and everyone impacted by hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria over the past 33 days:

Thanks to each of you for your generous and ongoing support. Portlight Strategies and the Partnership for Inclusive Disaster Strategies have assisted many thousands of hurricane survivors with disabilities, older adults, their families and their communities over the past month. We continue to do all we can to get assistance to people with disabilities and older adults in very urgent need. We are asking for your continued support to sustain our work.

Like most humanitarian groups, we continue trying to get our team onto the ground in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. We have been attempting to deploy several disability leaders to Puerto Rico and USVI since Monday, and will have them on the ground identifying needs and providing solutions as soon as we can get their travel cleared.

Among our leadership team are several Puerto Rican natives. We are also working with disability advocates on the ground in the hardest hit areas and we are shipping medical supplies, generators, disability equipment, communication devices, water purification, satellite phones and items for meeting immediate needs.

Your support is used for meeting the cost of providing travel, communications and sustainability for our team and purchase of generators, fuel, water purification, communication solutions and any costs associated with purchasing items we are unable to find donors to provide.

We are grateful for the partnership resources from our friends from the Cajun Navy and Cajun Air Force, National Pass It On Center and Trach Mommas, and we use your donations for supporting their costs and technology improvements to optimize connectivity and minimize duplication of effort.

Our assistance is applied directly to the needs of disaster survivors with disabilities and local organizations who are reestablishing their capacity to serve the people in their community.

All assistance is truly appreciated and used where it’s needed most.

Thank you for your support and partnership.

Portlight Strategies

The Partnership for Inclusive Disaster Strategies

HOTLINE: (800) 626-4959

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